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  • Plot twist: You actually have someone who thinks you're attractive, and genuinely wants to be with you.
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i can’t wait until i’m older and have a serious relationship like think of how much fun that would be every single night would be like a sleepover with your best friend and you could make pancakes at 3 in the morning and uncontrollably snuggle when you’re bored  

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if she mentions it more than once,
it’s bothering her. chillaxbitch  (via hefuckin)

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tips on kissing boys


1. start off with slow kisses
2. when he’s least expecting it jam your tongue down his throat so no one can hear his screams
3. swallow him whole
4. slither away you fiesty anaconda

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Feminist Graffiti from the 1970s [x]

I haven’t seen this in a while. It never gets old.


House dressed as a house painting a house on a house



dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son

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